14 MayBest Means To Use When Travelling Around Bristol

Bristol 2Bristol is one of the largest city located in the south-west of England. It lies between Gloucestershire and Somerset. It’s a county of its own, which has been ranked as the eighth most populous city in the UK.

You might be planning to visit the city as a tourist, once there one is advised to head to Harbourside where you will purchase tickets for ferries and sightseeing tour buses.

• Buses

Buses are the fastest and easiest means of transport to use when in the city of Bristol. You will be provided with convenient services once you are in the major locations.

A guided tour on board is another way to travel around the city. These are the kinds of buses which provides you with timetables and main routes that will be used throughout your journey. Additionally, an experienced driver will guide you around while explaining the sights along the way. Depending on the time of the year, some of the local bus services charge high rates for the tickets, their efficiency and punctuality might vary depending on the route that is to be taken.

• Ferries

Along the Harbourside, you will have a chance to get the services of luxurious ferries and boats. The ferries operate regularly, so you will be taken to beautiful sceneries and other key locations that are found around the city.

Private chartered cruises are also available for people who want a more comfortable journey along the Bristol Harbor. You’re advised to consider ferries as a means of transport, especially during the rush hour since fares get reduced.

• Trains

The central train station in Bristol is at Temple Meads. Other services pass via Bristol and run through the northern part of the city. There are frequent services that connect most locations in Bristol, making trains the easiest mode of transport to be used when moving around since cross-country services are also offered.

• Taxis

Swift line and Yellow cabs are some firms that offer taxi services. One can either call for a minicab or get a licensed one on the street. However, cabs are very expensive in Bristol since buses don’t operate during the night.

• Bicycles And Electric Scooters

In the city, you will find cycle paths which cater for the increasing number of cyclists. Around the central district, shared cycle racks can be accessed, but you should make sure that your electric scooter or bicycle is well secured.

Electric scooters are popular for people who want to keep up with family and friends when shopping. Since it’s easier to use, people stay longer in the city. This equipment doesn’t strain an individual, making it enjoyable to move around. However, it’s illegal to use them on pavements and cycle paths. Electric scooters are usually light in weight and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, they fit perfectly once loaded in the car.

• Airport links

There is an international airport in the Bristol city. Tourists are offered with cheap flights, however, one is advised to book in advance so as to access the most competitive seats. You will only need 20 minutes to get to the airport, since hire vehicles are readily available on site your journey will be well connected, especially when you want to fly to the southern part of England.

• Cars

Bristol has the most number of cars considering its size. If you want to use a car, you should know that the city centre is very busy, especially during rush hour. Multi-storey shops are available year-round, and will provide you with tickets that should be displayed on your vehicle. During summer, heavy traffic jams are experienced, especially on weekends since most people use the roads.

• Walking

When walking it is very easy to get around the congested roads, since the distances covered are not huge. The city centre is best explored by foot, not forgetting it is the cheapest method. You can walk from Bristol’s centre up a steep hill that covers a couple of miles.

Finally, you are advised to visit the Information offices where you will be given the latest information to guide you through the city. It will also help you decide which means will be perfect for you to choose. Most of the information provided are very accurate since it has been written by travellers.

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