06 MayThe Best Nightlife in Bristol

The Best Nightlife in BristolThere not many places you can find that can match the nightlife in Bristol. Therefore, if you are out to look for a well-known turntable talent that bangs out the bleeps and beeps on his high tech DJ equipment (like the ones at DJ Tools Guide) in the best quality bars in town, or you are just looking to have a low-key night that is fresh and credible, then Bristol will have you well covered in this. So if you are seeking to enjoy the nightlife Bristol can offer, and rave your life troubles away, you will need to take a glance and ensure that you take the dive, because your ears will love you.

1. Thekla

A night club on the boat, this is a concept that not many cities can boast about, but as you are aware by now, Bristol is not like any other town you have visited. The boat was initially brought to Mud Dock area in the year 1982. Back in the days, the boat was used as an art gallery and a floating theatre. However, in the early 90’s the boat was changed to a nightclub, which provided a platform for performances. In the year 2006, it was taken over by the owners of the Nottingham’s Rock City. It helped Thekla in repositioning itself as a venue to host live gigs and still be the best boat nightclub in town.

2. The Black Swan

If you like being around beautiful people, like wearing those box fresh Nikes for a night out shuffling on the dance floor and you define a great club by the standard of décor. If you have been nodding all this time, I would advise you move along. The raving fraternity in the town has known the Black Swan as the Dirty Duck. It might seem a bit of a dive, but this is the beauty of this place. I mean who needs to have a functioning toilet when you have been equipped with a monstrous sound system that will guarantee you will lose your mind, isn’t this what you are looking for in an adventurous night in the town.

3. Motion

If we take it a few years back, let us say five years, Motion was a mere state park that was hidden away in the industrial complex of the town, which was situated behind the Temple Meads train station. However, today Motion is an enormous multi-roomed venue, which has been polled as one of the best in the world. If you are in town, Motion is a place to rave away your troubles. The design of this complex is breathtaking, as it has a cavernous main room that has been situated in the heart of the sprawling complex and fantastic outdoor areas that are just adjacent to the marble factory.

4. Lakota

If you are one looking for a place you can enjoy drinks with your group of friends in an intimate venue; then you should give Lakota a swerve. However, if you want to enjoy a three-room mega rave that will ensure you will have a good old skunk, then Lakota should be included in your agenda. In the year 1990, it was considered as one of the super clubs in the UK, as they would regularly invite superstars of techno, jungle and house from across the world and the UK, to come and perform in one of its many extravagant rooms.

5. Attic Bar

The Attic Bar shares an enormous courtyard with the backpacker’s hostel and not forgetting the full moon pub. While in the venue, you do not need to step inside the Stokes Croft Venue to get a glimpse of what you will be expecting on a night out here. The place resembles an all year festival that has been designed with complete outside bars, many picnic tables, and various shisha areas. It is a favourite spot for many, the reason being, you can hang around the beautiful courtyard smoking on your rollies and take some six-form politics the whole night without anyone noticing that you have not bought a drink since you arrived. For sure, this factor adds to the popularity of the Attic Bar with its enormous crowd of regulars.

The city attracts various DJs flocking into the town on a weekly basis, assuring you, the London Club scene is no longer overshadowing Bristol. As a result, the city has been able to hold a name for itself in hosting some of the best nights you can have in the country.

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13 DecFamily Outings In Bristol


Bristol is one of the family-friendly cities by providing entertainment for the kids irrespective of their age. The whole city has world class attractions, and there are exciting activities in the countryside as well. You and your family can have a great time in Bristol by becoming an adventurer, searching for Banksy on the city’s walls, and becoming pirates on the water. In Bristol, you can also climb the rigging on a ship or go to the space in the Planetarium. In Bristol, the families can see a cheeky lemur or a cute penguin. There are many adventures waiting for you in Bristol so that you can create more sweet memories. Check out the family-friendly venues of Bristol given below.

family outing

Bristol Zoo Garden: The Bristol Zoo Garden is an exciting animal kingdom that extends up to 12 acres of award winning beautiful gardens. You can see over 400 species of endangered, exotic, and adorable animals from the different parts of the world. The Bristol Zoo is an all weather family attraction. There is a unique 180 degree view gorilla house in this place.

Bristol Aquarium: The Bristol Aquarium takes you and family to a stunning undersea safari. It showcases the tropical and native freshwater and marine creatures from around the world in the habitats that are naturally themed to inspire a deep understanding of the natural world. It is a fascinating journey from the coast of Britain through the warmer water to go to the exotic tropical seas. The major highlight of this spot is a life sized recreation of a sunken ship, a walk-in seahorse display, a Bristol harbour scene, and a wooden footbridge.

Bristol Science Centre: It is one of the most exciting interactive attractions in the UK. It offers an amazing world of discovery for your family. There are numerous of live shows and exhibits. It is a must see attraction irrespective of the age of the visitors and it takes you and your family on an incredible journey letting you explore the inner functioning of the world around you.

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm: This place has a host of remarkable indoors and outdoors such as white rhino, African elephants, feisty big cats, gentle giraffes, etc. You will definitely be amazed at a wide variety of nature that you will see in this zoo. In the cold and wet seasons, you can enjoy their large warm undercover play barns that are fully heated to enable comfortable indoor play and eating.

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07 NovNotable Bristol Landmarks


There could be no one who will dislike visiting famous landmarks. In Bristol, there are many such landmarks for you to visit. Some noteworthy landmarks to mention are the Georgian Queen Square, Clifton Suspension Bridge, and Cabot Tower. Take a look at some of the landmarks in Bristol from below.


Clifton Suspension Bridge: The Clifton Suspension Bridge is a world-famous landmark that was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a great Victorian engineer. However, he was not alive to see his creation that was completed in 1864. The work debuted in 1831, and it was dogged with financial and political difficulties. In 1843, the towers were completed, but the project was abandoned. After the death of Brunel in 1859, the Clifton Suspension Bridge got completed as a memorial. Now, almost 11,000 to 12,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day.

Queen Square: This is a Georgian park area that is located in the heart of Bristol. It is surrounded by many trees and cobbled streets. This park that is located amongst the Old City and Harbourside areas of Bristol. It is a popular retreat for the workers and visitors who visit the city to relax. Major events such as outdoor theatre and concerts are hosted regularly in the Queen Square. The Queen Square was a marshland till the 16th century, and it had been used as a rubbish dump and weaponry practice. In the year 1622, it was remodelled with tree lining and play bowls. In 1831, when there were violent riots all over Bristol, almost 100 buildings in this place were burned to the ground.

Cabot Tower: This attraction is set in the parkland of Brandon Hill near the shopping destination Park Street. It is a 105 feet tower that was built in the year 1897 in order to commemorate the famous voyage of John Cabot from Bristol and North America four centuries earlier. In fact, Brandon Hill is Bristol’s oldest park, and you can enjoy viewing the city and the Harbourside area from there. The tower was built using red sandstone, and it was covered with cream Bath stone. It is free to climb up the twisting stairs.

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