31 MayGoing on a Long Road Travel? Here Are the Best Games to Play on Your Handheld Console

It is exciting to go on a road trip. The only problem is that you might end up getting bored especially if you are out on a very long trip. The good thing is you can always bring your handheld console with you. There is no need for you to spend the entire time asleep. You can just bring your device out and start playing.

Considering the games available today, you will surely have one to play throughout the trip. Just make sure your device is fully charged so you can keep the fun going up until you have arrived at your destination. Here are some of the most popular games today, plus a few classics that you should play while traveling.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

This game combines the style of Dynasty Warriors with the overall environment of The Legend of Zelda. It is like getting the best of both worlds. There are exciting characters to choose from, creating a more adrenaline-fueled play. You might even be quite loud while you are playing the game if you can’t control your excitement.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars is such a huge franchise and living up to the hype could be a huge challenge. This game never failed. It had great promise but also managed to provide an amazing experience for gamers. It is available in almost all major consoles.

Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow

Pokemon has just celebrated its 20th anniversary and so this game was released. It was not even a high profile game as they opted for a lower key approach. Imagine playing all of the characters you have grown up with as a kid of the 90s. Your day will surely brighten up if you have the chance to play the game. You might even lose interest on the actual trip as you will just focus on the game.

Super Mario Land

Of course, this is an all-time favorite. Mario is already a classic and there is no better time to play the game than when you are on the road. There are newer features available for you to enjoy though. The premise is still the same, but you will get more from it. There are also more coins that are harder to reach and fireballs with stronger powers.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

This is another classic that you will surely love. It has been played for a long time using computers. Now, it has been made available for handheld consoles. If you have always been a huge fan of this game, this is your chance to continue playing while you are on a road trip.

These are just some of the best choices for you so you won’t be bored on a long trip. You might also want to consider the best games for PSP Vita if you have this device at home. By then, you won’t have to limit your games on the road. The fun continues at home.

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09 MayWhere Is The Best Place To Sleep In Bristol?

bristolBristol is in South West England. It is the sixth populated city in England and the eighth in the United Kingdom. Bristol is the second most populous city in Southern England with London outranking it. It is also an awesome place to visit but where is the best place to sleep in Bristol? Take a look at some perfect options.

1. Number Thirty Eight

The high luxury townhouse in Clifton townhouse has a West Loft Suite on the topmost floor that has the finest rooms in the city. Even the smallest rooms in this place come with slippers, robes, and a decent view of the city. Its decor is an assortment of contemporary art and antiques. There is also a clubby lounge downstairs that has fireside armchairs and tables set for breakfast.

2. The Birdhouse in Montpellier

The house is a perfect place to sleep since it is located across two award-winning restaurants, the Thali Café and Bell’s Diner. It takes you just 15-minutes to stroll through the lively streets of Stokes Croft into the heart of Bristol.

3. Brooks Guesthouse

It is also another superlative accommodation choice in Bristol. The guesthouse has a sunny courtyard garden with shrubbery and a pond. Brooks Guesthouse has compact rooms that are high tech. Its offer on triples and twins make it an ideal place for a family or group of friends to sleep. The most popular area in the guesthouse is the large, airy open-plan lounge. Here you can relax in a designer chair as you admire the terrace through the picture windows or enjoy a drink from the honesty bar.

4. VIP Cricket Views

With the most incredible views over the cricket grounds in the county, this apartment is another great place to sleep. It has quite an exquisite ambiance and a bright, airy space. You can watch cricket on the balcony or enjoy a drink as you take in the view.

5. The Bristol Hotel

It is one of the finest places to sleep in Bristol. The hotel has 187 rooms and its recent pricey upgrade spruced up the decor and added some glamour to the place. The Bristol Hotel also has magnificent views that you can enjoy from the Shore or the reflective River Grille restaurant. By adding some extra cash, you can scoop a harbor-facing room.

6. The Wellington

Another incredible place to sleep is The Wellington, with its quiet and well-decorated rooms. The place has king-sized beds and fluffy pillows. If you visit the Choose Mattress website, you’ll realize that mattress for kind size beds don’t come cheap so you’re really getting the most out of your money if you choose to stay here.

Its bathrooms have white tiles and are furnished with rain showers. The decor is simple with a mix of traditional and modern styles.

7. The Battleaxes, Wraxall

In the past, this gothic-revival structure was a meeting venue for people who worked on the Tyntesfield estate. The place is an ideal out-of-town choice whose guestrooms’ decor is characterized by moody antique colors and forested or gilded wallpapers. It also has large comfortable beds, art decor furniture and thick carpets. The restaurant and bar at the Battleaxes are characterized by fringed lamps, scrubbed tables, scruffy leather sofas and log fires. The place is also in proximity to the Long Ashton Park and Ride in Bristol since it is only a 10-minute drive there.
These are just some of the best places to sleep in Bristol. With several options, you can effortlessly pick a place that suits you.

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