15 JanGloucester Road & Stokes Croft

The Gloucester Road and Stokes Croft is located to the north of the city of Bristol, and it is one of the continuous roads that are packed with traffic with the local and independent restaurants, cafes, and shops. In fact, it has the most independent shops than in any other street in the country. In case, you love chabby chic, vintage, or retro or bargaining in a shop, then you must definitely visit this place in Bristol.

bristol road

Stokes Craft has the fame for its street art, and it boasts some of the best works in Bristol. You must take enough time to admire these artworks. They help in defining an area that has a distinctive feel, and it is shopping hub for the locals from the areas nearby who carry on their everyday lives grabbing fresh vegetables and fruits from the greengrocers. They also stop at the local butchers, and you will be pulled by the smell of freshly baked bread from the bakeries.


As you further head on to the Gloucester Road of Bristol, you will get to see many things ranging from health and beauty, jewellery, home and garden, and children’s toys. It is a perfect place to mooch from one shop to another, and you can easily spend enough time there. There are many cafes, restaurants, and pubs in this place. You can choose to get into one to refresh yourself in the atmosphere.

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