28 JulImportant renovation projects happening in Bristol

Important renovation projects happening in BristolEvery major city around the world goes in for renovation. There are the shops that get renovated, the houses that want to look new, and Bristol is no different either. Renovation helps make the city safer and beautiful to look at. It helps the city to be modern, and offer its residents what they need.

Bristol has seen a lot of renovation projects happening, especially in sites that have held a lot of historical importance. A lot of public place too is being transformed. Such projects have added value to the city and also provided a lot of social benefits. Two of the most important renovation projects are as follows.

Renovation of Underfall Yard

Renovation work at Underfall Yard began in 2015. Bristol Harborside’s Underfall Yard is a historical monument that is known for boat building in the traditional manner and also for marine crafts. For over two centuries, the Underfall Yard has been the centre of the docks. The external fabric of the red industrial buildings has been renovated. The project also includes renovating an unused workshop space. Various experts – from stone masons to roofers – have been a part of this effort to renovate this site that is so significant in the history of Bristol. With the help of power tools such as the best electric chainsaw, this can be done in no time.

The Bristol city centre project

Two office buildings in Bristol that have stood empty since a long time are being transformed into homes for students. The place is being transformed into a total of seventy five student bedrooms, and also a communal space along with. The plans also include a gym and a cinema.

The Bristol city centre buildings that have so much historical importance but have stayed empty and unimportant for a long time will be transformed into hubs of activity and this will regenerate the whole site in itself. A better standard of living will be offered to the students.

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