07 NovNotable Bristol Landmarks

There could be no one who will dislike visiting famous landmarks. In Bristol, there are many such landmarks for you to visit. Some noteworthy landmarks to mention are the Georgian Queen Square, Clifton Suspension Bridge, and Cabot Tower. Take a look at some of the landmarks in Bristol from below.


Clifton Suspension Bridge: The Clifton Suspension Bridge is a world-famous landmark that was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a great Victorian engineer. However, he was not alive to see his creation that was completed in 1864. The work debuted in 1831, and it was dogged with financial and political difficulties. In 1843, the towers were completed, but the project was abandoned. After the death of Brunel in 1859, the Clifton Suspension Bridge got completed as a memorial. Now, almost 11,000 to 12,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day.

Queen Square: This is a Georgian park area that is located in the heart of Bristol. It is surrounded by many trees and cobbled streets. This park that is located amongst the Old City and Harbourside areas of Bristol. It is a popular retreat for the workers and visitors who visit the city to relax. Major events such as outdoor theatre and concerts are hosted regularly in the Queen Square. The Queen Square was a marshland till the 16th century, and it had been used as a rubbish dump and weaponry practice. In the year 1622, it was remodelled with tree lining and play bowls. In 1831, when there were violent riots all over Bristol, almost 100 buildings in this place were burned to the ground.

Cabot Tower: This attraction is set in the parkland of Brandon Hill near the shopping destination Park Street. It is a 105 feet tower that was built in the year 1897 in order to commemorate the famous voyage of John Cabot from Bristol and North America four centuries earlier. In fact, Brandon Hill is Bristol’s oldest park, and you can enjoy viewing the city and the Harbourside area from there. The tower was built using red sandstone, and it was covered with cream Bath stone. It is free to climb up the twisting stairs.

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